CBSE Question Papers for class 11th and 12th

While you prepare for any exam, be it boards or any entrances, we often undervalue some of the most effective practices, one of them are solving mock papers that includes previous year question papers, sample papers and model test papers. It brings considerable practice and confidence with time for the exam. So, here we present you an adequate amount of practice papers of Class 11th and 12th for you to learn and practice some important questions.

The paper provided can help you regarding the following points.

  • It will help you to cover the most important questions which will further help you to focus on specific topics while preparing
  • After enough practice, you will get familiar with the pattern which will help you get confident and organized while giving the actual exam
  • You will get aware of your strong points and weak points which will help you prepare accordingly and work on your weak points.
  • Get aware of the unexpected questions that had already appeared in previous years.
  • Most importantly, it will help you manage your time. Gradually, with constant practice of solving different type of questions will sharpen your brain and help you pick up speed.
  • It will help you go through entire syllabus in a very short time efficiently.

Free Online CBSE Question Papers For Class
11th Commerce(All Subjects)

Free Online CBSE Question Papers For Class
12th Commerce(All Subjects)